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Currently is installed MrBayes 3.2.6 version working with mpi 2.0

This one of the programs that we recommend to use with screen.

Once entered in cluster-ceab we open a screen session (for further details see Screen)

without mpi

Init a qlogin

qlogin -l h_vmem=4G 

and once in the node


with mpi

init a qlogin with the number of processors with mpi environment

qlogin -l h_vmem=4G -pe mpi 6

to use mpi we need to declare two variables first, just copy this two lines in the terminal.


and then run the program with the number of processor reserved in the qlogin:

$ mpirun -np 6 /home/soft/mrbayes-3.2.6/src/mb

                            MrBayes v3.2.6 x64

                      (Bayesian Analysis of Phylogeny)

                             (Parallel version)
                         (6 processors available)

              Distributed under the GNU General Public License

               Type "help" or "help <command>" for information
                     on the commands that are available.

                   Type "about" for authorship and general
                       information about the program.

MrBayes > 

if you have started screen you can close this terminal while the program is running and reatach it later to see if is finished.

Don't forget to close the screen session when finish:

Close MrBayes with q and then exit twice, the first one to finish the qlogin and free the reserved resources and the second one to clos the screen terminal.

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